Behind the Scenes in Waipahu

It is often said in Hawaii news that Waipahu is one of those towns who has a rich history. The Waipahu living locals will tell you that the area used to be a sugar plantation. This gave birth to the rich diverse culture and ethnicities of Hawaii because many immigrants of different countries came to Waipahu to work for the plantation. It is Hawaii Plantation Village where you can find such Waipahu events. Here, you will see preserved homes and artifacts dating back to the early 1900s. You can also visit beautiful botanical gardens. Interestingly enough, it is as if you’ve stepped back into time. It has been featured several times in Waipahu news and this one is worth paying a visit. If you want the scare of your life, wait and the place will turn into the Haunted Plantation, which has been featured in the Waipahu news. They say the place is haunted, but we really can’t say for sure unless if you’ve experienced it.

They say that if you really want to experience a culture, test it out with your taste buds. Don’t skip out on one of the best Waipahu events yet. One of the most recommended places to try out the local cuisine is the Highway Inn. It won’t break your budget and food is absolutely superb. Try out the beef stew as this is one of the best dishes on the menu. If you’re really adventurous, close your eyes and take your pick. We promise you won’t be disappointed. This place has been mentioned a few times in Hawaii news and they wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t worth trying. Your tummy will thank you later for bringing it here.

If retail therapy is more of your thing, try shopping at Waikele Premium Outlets. They’ve got your favorite brands from A-Z. You can probably spend the entire day here, trying out clothes here and there that will look good on you. No one wants to miss out on all the great sales and bargains you can get from here. You can get used to the casual vibes of Waipahu living here. It’s that easy to blend in.

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Behind the Scenes in Waipahu
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