Waipahu was a sugar plantation town back in the days that obtained its name from a flowing spring. There is a mass population of more than fifty thousand in the Waipahu area, with the highest percentage of it being Filipinos. This is also the second-highest community in the state with disabled seniors. There is a high fraction of children with untreated tooth decay compared to the rest of the state.

Moving on to education in Waipahu, the percentage of adults with high school qualifications or university degrees is a bit lower than the rest of the state. There is a total of eight public schools, four private schools and one post-secondary school. However, not many citizens of Waipahu have completed a graduate degree. Looking further into it, the percentage of citizens who haven’t completed high school is 10% lesser than the citizens who have completed high school. The highest level of education achieved is High school or post secondary. The schools in Waipahu are blessed with brilliant teachers, an intelligent and assorted student body and many nationwide recognized courses. Recent Waipahu events in education include the introduction of the DREAMS program in Waipahu Intermediate School. This is an initiative taken to initiate Science, Music, Animation, Engineering, Robotics and Digital media to offer students a more modern education option. The teacher to student ratio is one is to seventeen in Waipahu, which is around 5.2% more than the ratio in Hawaii state.

However, Waipahu living is quite costly if compared nationally. The most expensive part of it is the housing expenses followed by the grocery expenses. The Waipahu living cost is almost similar to that of New Jersey, but the weather in Waipahu is really pleasant and healthy and is one of the best factors of this area. The weather in Waipahu is supportive for all the Waipahu Events that take place throughout the year, ranging from national celebrations to community related celebrations.

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